Mission:  To work with individuals with chronic, debilitating and neurological issues who have not found prior results in order to reclaim their life.

-Atlas Specific-

My promise to you: You are going to get better quicker, easier, and in less time, with less input to the body so you can return to a life without pain and more fulfillment.

Dr. Clayton Sullwold DC
Upper Cervical Doctor

What people are saying about Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care…

Blood Pressure/Breathing

“In light of my relief described above after seven adjustments, I feel that keeping with Dr. Sullwold’s plan will greatly improve the way I feel. Based on such quick results, I highly recommend those experiencing back and neck problems explore his approach to help solve them.”

Hal S.

“I missed one of my appointments last week. When I came to my Friday appointment I was in tremendous pain, which was my norm before the adjustments and RA meds. About 4 hours after the adjustment I could feel my body relaxing and about 95% of the pain was gone!”

Leisa L.

“After only a few visits and adjustments I felt a DRAMATIC difference in myself. The seizures slowly wore off and eventually stopped! I have honestly not felt this good in over a year! I am so happy and excited to be able to live my life again.”

~ Kaitlyn R.
Multiple Sclerosis

“I noticed warm hands, clearer vision in my eye with optic neuritis, other numb areas are going away. I am mentally and emotionally better now that I know this is helping. I most definitely recommend this to anyone. I believe in it. I see it helping me.”

Gwen O.