The 6th principle of Upper Cervical – there is no process that does not require time.

In our culture we have been trained to go for the “quick fix.” That a pill can solve all of our problems from physical aches and pains to emotional distress. This however, is not healing and often times can give us temporary relief but exacerbate chronic illness.

Healing is an inside job and most often it takes time. Why? Because, the body has to rebuild unhealthy tissue back to healthy tissue in order for healing to take place.

Upper Cervical Care turns the power on and connects us to more LIFE. This is what does the healing; not pills, potions, and lotions which only numb out symptoms instead of “fixing them” like we are conditioned to believe.

Dr Clay’s mission is to work with individuals with chronic, debilitating and neurological issues who have not found prior results in order to reclaim their life.  “My promise to you: You are going to get better quicker, easier, and in less time, with less input to the body so you can return to a life without pain and more fulfillment.”

Dr Clayton Sullwold

Atlas Specific

“Chiropractic is health insurance, dividends large, premiums small.”
~Dr. B.J. Palmer