What is Upper Cervical Care?

headtiltAt Atlas Specific, we utilize the most precise form of Chiropractic Care called Knee Chest Upper Cervical Specific. This technique focuses on removing the interference in the upper part of the neck where the brainstem sits, with one simple adjustment.

The brain stem controls every automatic function and response in the body, such as: sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, balance and equilibrium, and many more. When the brain stem and the body are able to communicate with each other freely, you are able to live life to it’s fullest.
Life, which resides in the brain, must be expressed to all cells and all organs in order for the body to function normally.  Brain stem pressure stops information from being expressed to all vital organs, and cells of the body.  We at Atlas Specific, specialize in correcting pressure on the brain stem so that Life can be expressed to its fullest.

Our purpose is to help you achieve your wellness goals with as few adjustments as possible.

Our center is a hub to health and wellness classes with topics ranging from living an innately guided life, to how to improve your health and internal wealth, as well as other classes on advanced exercises and training to improve your life.  We are dedicated to serving you and your family with compassion, expertise, and fun!  We provide the highest quality of care and service in order to help you return to a life of health and wellness.  We look forward to start seeing you soon!

How is it Different?

atlasaxisIt is estimated that there are only 1,200 chiropractors in the world specializing in Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care.  Our doctors have earned their advanced post-graduate certification in Upper Cervical training.

Adult upper cervical care focuses on the top two bones in the neck.  These to bones can misalign in 274 different combinations.  Without proper analysis and radiographic findings it is literally impossible to determine how to correct such complex and subtle misalignments.  Often upper cervical doctors are looking for a millimeter or less of misalignment.  Each individual person has their own unique misalignment which is why every degree of misalignment changes the type of adjustment they receive.

We utilize only State-of-the-Art technology in order to determine where and when care is needed.  Forget chasing symptoms we correct the problem at it source.

Precision Aligned Digital Radiography

Upper Cervical Doctors take specialized x-rays in order to determine a patient’s listing. This listing determines the type of adjustment the patient needs in order to clear out their subluxations.  Information from x-ray is the foundation for the care delivered by the Upper Cervical Practitioner.  It is imperative that the doctor utilizes precise x-ray equipment, in order to acquire such detailed x-rays. This offers an absolute level of confidence in the accuracy of the x-rays so that the proper analysis and exact correction for the patient can be accomplished.

All x-rays are developed digitally to eliminate the use of film and chemicals.  This also reduces the amount of radiation needed for an exposure.

Computed Infrared Paraspinal Thermography

Infrared Thermography is FDA approved as a neurodiagnostic procedure.

Infrared Thermography is simply a reading that measures the amount of heat coming off of the back of the neck, which is controlled by the brainstem, in order to determine if the adjustment is necessary.  If the adjustment is found to be necessary, then patients will receive a post-thermographic evaluation to determine if the proper correction was made.  This procedure is used on every visit to objectively monitor the course of your care.

Zero Gravity Chair

After every adjustment, you will relax in Human Touch’s Zero Gravity Recliner. This allows the adjustment to integrate and hold correctly. The last thing that we want is for you to get up after the adjustment and return back to the busyness of life.  This could have adverse effect of an adjustment holding its correction for any length of time.

Inspired by the Neutral Body Posture studied by NASA during the SkyLab program, the Zero Gravity Recliner places the body in a virtually weightless position to provide relaxation and minimum muscle tension. In this recommended position, the spine, hips, and knee joints are on or close to the balanced midpoint of the muscles. The Zero Gravity Recliner provides a path to harmony between your body and gravity.

Conditions: Who Do We See?

Although musculoskeletal issues have resolved with upper cervical care our focus is much more than pain management. Various neurological and visceral conditions improve due to the commonality of the brain stem supplying function and giving life to the affected structures. Even though we do not treat specific conditions they do clear up as a byproduct of the healing intelligence within us all. Below is a list of conditions that have had success with Upper Cervical Care.