The Coolest Place to Hang in Durango!

There are so many places to hang out in Durango. In a town of this size it is truly amazing the magnitude of places to go and things to see that we have to offer in our little town. I believe one of the biggest opportunities that we have to offer is dining. Durango boasts of having the most restaurants per capita in which I would add (places to hang out). One of my most favorite activities that I enjoy is going out to coffee and hanging out with friends in a cozy environment that has the feeling of home. However, for as many coffee places as there are in Durango there are very few I actually enjoy going to. Why? The first question I ask myself when I go into an establishment is, “Is this a place that I can hang out, relax, and enjoy being at?” Unfortunately when I visit various establishments in Durango my answer to the question is, No. Although the more “modern” style of today’s culture is to be in a spacious open environment I still prefer to find a cozy nook to settle into and relax knowing in part that I have my own space that has a sense of privacy where my conversations aren’t shared with the entire room, or that I have to yell over a loud espresso machine sitting right next to me. Perhaps it is also why I always choose a booth over a table if given the option. There is something comforting about having a high back to rest against and being next to a wall instead of another party within arms reach.

That being said we have gone to great lengths to help make Atlas Specific one of the coolest places to hang out. We wanted to create an environment that is comfortable and feels like home. It may not be your home but it is mine and I wish to share it with all who wish to enjoy it. We have chosen comfy areas for you to sit back and relax, enjoy tea from the White Dragon Tea Room or coffee from our little quiet machine. Our office comes complete with a T.V. and lounge and offers you a place to relax before or after your visit. If you know someone who needs to be in a healing environment let them know about us! They can even come and experience Atlas Specific for free! Every Tuesday night at 5:30 we offer a free class on the principles of healing and The Foundation of Upper Cervical Care.

Featured in EPIC Magazine

Check out Dr. Clayton’s article in the March Issue of Epic Magazine on “The Role and Purpose of Upper Cervical Care.”

The Major Premise of Upper Cervical Care is that there is a subluxation (vertebral misalignment with nerve interference) in the upper cervical spine interfering with the expression of life in the body. Throughout the body, nerve fibers travel from the brain down the spinal cord to every tissue, organ and cell of the body. It is these nerve fibers that carry mental impulse from the brain which nourish the body and allow for proper communication from the brain to the body and back to the brain again. Misalignments throughout the spine can interfere with these messages causing decreased signaling throughout the body depending on which nerve root is compressed and which part of it is interfered with as it exits the spine. A nerve, although impinged, will still fire to the extent it can into the body and the end organ it innervates.