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Objective Analysis of Neuropathophysiology The Foundation of the Chiropractic Profession

Objective Analysis of Neuropathophysiology

The Foundation of the Chiropractic Profession by

William C. Amalu, DC and Louis H. Tiscareno, DC

“Good morning Mrs. Smith its nice to see you”. “Thank you Dr. Jones, I’m very interested to know what you found on my examination yesterday”. “Mr. Williams told me how you helped him, but I have never been to a chiropractor and I’m not quite sure how you’re going to help me”. “Well Mrs. Smith, chiropractic care differs from your past medical care in that we get to the cause of your problem rather than treating the symptoms”. “As chiropractors we correct your problem at the source, spinal subluxations”. “Spinal subluxations cause the nervous system to malfunction, and since the nervous system controls every function in your body we are able to get to the cause”. “How, Dr. Jones, are you able to tell if I have a subluxation?”. “Well, if the problem is serious enough we can detect nervous system malfunction through tendon reflexes, muscle strength, and/or altered sensations”. “But Dr. Jones, you mentioned yesterday that all those things were OK, does that mean I have no subluxations?”. “Oh no Mrs. Smith, we have other ways of knowing if you have subluxations such as your unequal leg length, fixated vertebrae, and posture problems”. “But what do any of those things have to do with nervous system malfunction, Dr. Jones?”. “These things we found are indicators of subluxation, Mrs. Smith”. “But isn’t there a test that can show me exactly how my nervous system is functioning?”. “Uh well, uh Mrs. Smith, I …..”. “When my doctor discovered my heart malfunction he showed me an EKG”. “When he suspected diabetes he showed me a laboratory blood test”. “What can you show me that tells me exactly how my nervous system is working?”. “Well Mrs. Smith, I uh ….. uh ……..”.

Does the above scenario sound possible, or is it familiar? How many patients are thinking these very thoughts during our explanations on subluxation? How many fail to understand care because nothing tangible ever demonstrated to them the neurological damage produced by their subluxations?

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