Hope For Seizures

Seizures are a challenging condition with limited options.

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Granted the exact technique differs from Knee-Chest Upper Cervical, but addressing the upper cervical area is key for seizures.


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The Life Continuum

Dr. Clayton Sullwold spoke about the Life Continuum at the 2015 La Plata County Whole Expo. Discussing the limitations of health when we measure it by symptoms versus a percentage of life power. Watch as he explains the “crazy thinking” we fall into when following the norm.

So, are you living at 100% life?

How Alignment Happens With Upper Cervical Care

A common question that arises in Upper Cervical Care is “how will the entire spine get aligned when the area corrected is in the neck?”

Watch as Dr. Clayton Sullwold explains how the spine is designed and why upper cervical chiropractic care is effective!

Did you know the spine worked that way?

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