Different Expectations

Different Expectations
A New and Revolutionary Kind of Care

Consider a general family physician that takes care of family checkups. They handle broad healthcare needs, then direct their patients to specialists when specific procedures and care are required. A similar relationship applies when comparing chiropractic and upper cervical care. Traditional chiropractic focuses on adjusting the entire spine for greater vitality and health; whereas, Upper Cervical Specific is a post-doctoral certification and specialization in chiropractic that focuses on the top two bones in the neck right where the brainstem sits.

Upper Cervical Spine
Meet Atlas (C1) and Axis (C2).

These top two bones can misalign in 274 different combinations due to the natural, unique
formation of the bones. When these two bones misalign they put pressure on the brainstem, which paralyzes various nerve fibers and cripples your body’s natural state of balance and optimal health. To address these misalignments one needs precise work.

For permanent correction, the top two cervical bones, referred to as Atlas and Axis, have to be corrected specifically by a specialist so that no pressure remains on the brainstem. These two, topmost bones allow for much of the movement of your neck, plus they slip, slide, and move all over the place. Therefore, it’s not realistic to simply palpate or just “feel” which of the 274 different possibilities of misalignment are occurring in the upper cervical spine. Even if that were feasible, how would one know when they were in place?

Upper cervical care utilizes a 3-view x-ray so that the doctor can see all the planes of misalignment. Digital paraspinal infrared thermography calibrated within .2 degrees is another device used to help the doctor determine whether brainstem pressure is present or not. Knowing when NOT to adjust is just as important as knowing when to adjust!

In upper cervical care, patients do not experience their spine being cracked up one side and down the other indiscriminately. One correction to the neck is administered specifically to realign a torqued misalignment. Much like playing a game of billiards, the doctor must first line up the patient correctly and then line up his body and hands to deliver a precise adjustment to unlock a 3-dimensional torqued misalignment that is exclusively unique to the Atlas.

Just as when everything is not aligned perfect in billiards, one does not make the ball in the pocket. The same is true of upper cervical care. If everything is not precise, then alleviating the pressure from the brainstem will not result. Practitioners double-check the corrections by thermography so the doctor and patient immediately know if brain stem pressure has been eliminated.

Upper cervical doctors pride themselves in their work. Often they work with people who have often found no help elsewhere in the healthcare field. By administering a specific correction to the top bone in the neck, pressure is relieved from the brainstem and life, which resides in the brain, begins to flow freely to the entire body from the top down.
Upper Cervical Doctors get results where more generalized techniques may fail. The developer of chiropractic Dr. B.J. Palmer stated, “Chiropractic is specific or it is nothing at all.”

Considering there are 274 variations the Atlas can be misaligned, why not get yourself checked by an upper cervical specialist today?