Due to several whiplash injuries and cervical structural problem, I wasn’t able to snowboard for the past four seasons. After finding Dr. Clayton and partaking in regular upper cervical adjustments I am happy to say I’m back on the slopes and pain-free!

Cass G.

Neck Pain/Mental Attitude

I fell two years ago and injured my neck — surgery was not an option for my injury. Prior to my accident I was an active, happy, healthy 84 year old man. For the past 2 years, I have lived with limited movement in my neck, difficulty sleeping, and considerable pain and discomfort. I was forced to wear a soft cervical collar most of the day to support my head and neck. I had almost resigned myself to feeling that way for the rest of my life.

Fortunately for me, Dr. Clayton Sullwold was recommended to me by one of my neighbors, who was/is being treated by him. From the initial consultation, Dr. Sullwold made sure that I understood the entire process, the diagnosis, and the reason why the treatment was necessary — everything was explained in a way that made sense.

I received adjustments from Dr. Sullwold for upper cervical care focusing on the alignment of the top two vertebrae (C1 & C2)in my spine, directly underneath my head. With time and regular adjustments I am moving more freely, sleeping better and the pain is being managed. My general health and mood has greatly improved. My primary object in receiving treatments was to live pain-free and enjoy a better quality of life; the objectives are being met by my adjustments with Dr. Sullwold…I am now on my way to being an active, happy, healthy 86 year old man.

Dr Sullwold and his wife Petra, are kind, professional and truly seem to care about my well being. I would absolutely recommend others to go to Dr. Sullwold, and, in fact, I’ve already done so.

Jim M.


Before receiving upper cervical treatment I suffered from migraines, back pain, and Tonic–clonic seizures (formerly known as grand mal seizures). I’d seen numerous neurologists between here and Denver. When I was 22 I was informed, after what seemed like the 100th EEG, that I would have to remain on seizure medication for the rest of my life—this was after six years of trying different medications and finally finding one that worked, but still clouded my thinking and made me incredibly thin.

When I started having seizures I was 16 and it seemed like every medication the doctors put me on I felt more like a zombie and continued having seizures—needless to say I wasn’t allowed to drive either. I abstained from socializing and traveling because I was scared of having a seizure. I lost a job because I had a seizure at work.

After a few adjustments with Clay, I feel like I can handle more without being vulnerable to having a seizure—it’s hard to explain, but it is like I have more energy now and I can focus things I enjoy rather than avoiding anything that might lower my threshold for having a seizure.

I am now completely medication free and have not had a Tonic-clonic, since 2009.As a result of receiving upper cervical care, I can be medication and seizure free, which has made it possible for me to juggle being a mother, working and going to school.

When I began having seizures I remember my teachers expressing concern about me graduating High School due to my inability to comprehend material and focus—I attribute that to the medication prescribed for seizure disorders. Now, I will be graduating from DU with my Master’s in Social Work because Atlas Specific made it possible for me to live my life without medication.

Emily C.

Skin Problems

I have had severe skin problems since I was a kid and have tried EVERYTHING! Nothing got rid of my rashes and breakouts. After 2 adjustments at Atlas Specific I have been seeing major improvements in my skin health.

Mollie C.


I can hear! My family was sending me to get a hearing aid because they were tired of me saying, “what!?” I decided to stop by your office first, and it worked! I can hear! Many other improvements too! Thanks so much! I appreciate all that you do.

Carrie K.

Neck/Shoulder Injury

I fell and injured my neck and shoulder. I could not tolerate manual adjustments in the past especially on my neck. This type of adjustment is more effective with less force. I would absolutely recommend upper cervical care to others. It works!

Patrysha M.

Chronic Lower Back Pain

I came in to Atlas Specific for chronic lower back pain. Since beginning treatment I feel more stable overall and I can get out of bed with less pain. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone as I believe it has had a very positive affect on my quality of life.

Trevor H.


I was taking 25mg of Lyrica daily for nerve pain. After about 2 weeks of treatment I stopped the medication and have continued to feel better. I was also taking aspirin daily and am now taking it very occasionally.

Polly W.


I used to stand in a way that appeared “bent over” with slouched shoulders and with my neck protruding forward. My daughter and wife were always telling me “stand up straight!” After starting treatment with Dr. Clay, I’ve noticed that I am standing up straighter and my shoulders and chest are opened. When I sleep in bed my usual lower back pain is 50% better and my chronic sinus issues and my allergies are 30-40% better. Overall, I feel much more alert and I have more energy.

Duane C.


I was referred to Atlas Specific by a trusted friend, I have suffered from chronic sinusitis for the majority of my adult life. I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and am suffering with it. I have been coming here for a couple of months and thought I was improving but couldn’t be sure if it was the adjustments or the medication for RA. I missed one of my appointments last week. When I came to my Friday appointment I was in tremendous pain, which was my norm before the adjustments and RA meds. About 4 hours after the adjustment I could feel my body relaxing and about 95% of the pain was gone! This was confirmation to me that the adjustments are the reason I am feeling better. And I will make every effort not to miss an appointment in the future. Thanks Atlas Specific!

Leisa L.

Mind/Immune System/Performance

Before I started working with Clay my body was slowly morphing into my bike. My spine was turning kyphotic (hunchback) and my power was going from my legs into my back. Through upper cervical care I have corrected my posture strengthened my immune system (I haven’t gotten sick), my mind is clearer, and I feel happier, healthier and more alive! I’ve seen many chiropractor and the Upper Cervical Care that Clay has administered is giving me the best results both on and off the bike.

Nick Gould ~ Pro Endurance MTB Racer

Blood Pressure/Vertigo/Tinnitus

I had tried unsuccessfully to control my blood pressure through all other means (reduced salt, weight loss, increased exercise, medication) when my research led me to upper cervical care. I had developed high blood pressure after a year of struggling with benign positional vertigo. When I first visited Dr. Clay I had high blood pressure, intermittent vertigo, constant nausea after movement, difficulty taking a deep breath, and constant tinnitus in my right ear. His evaluation showed subluxation and misalignment of C1 and C2. Because I’m in my later 60s, my progress has been slow, but the decrease in my symptoms has been nothing short of miraculous. I know that upper cervical care doesn’t treat specific disorders or conditions, rather it lets the body heal itself. My vertigo and nausea are gone, and my tinnitus is only occasional now and greatly reduced in loudness. I can breathe deeply any time I want to. I feel fantastic and look forward to continued occasional adjustments as needed from the amazing Dr. Clay. Aside from the personal health benefits, I want to say that Dr. Clay is an energetic, positive, warm person who never talks down, always remembers names, has never been late, and is pleasant to be around. The women who work in his office are also warm, kind, patient, and caring. I will miss my frequent visits, although I won’t miss the drive from Cortez!

Mary D.


I sought out Dr. Clay Sullwold in early June to see if he could alleviate pain I had in both legs which was inhibiting various activities I took for granted (walking, golfing, exercising, etc.). After gaining a basic understanding of the upper cervical bone structure and the ailments that could result from the misalignment of these bones I decided to undergo treatments to properly realign my upper cervical bone structure to the proper position. After several sessions I began to notice a reduction in my leg pain. Within two months I had experienced a significant reduction in pain to the point where I was no longer limited to the activities I enjoy. I have now decided to continue treatments until my upper cervical bone structure is aligned in the proper position and remains so. I would highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Sullwold to anyone who suffers abnormalities resulting from the misalignment of their upper cervical bone structure.

Jon L.

Heart Palpitations/Hypertension/Sleep

I was directed to Atlas Specific by a close friend. My husband had died just over a year before I went to Atlas Specific, and I had assumed that many of my symptoms were related to the stress associated with that loss. I thought my heart palpitations and nervousness were a result of too much caffeine. After eliminating caffeine, the symptoms continued and became worse. Then I thought it must be hypertension, so I eliminated salt from my diet. Things still didn’t change. Next, I noticed that I was experiencing a lot of ringing in my ears, I didn’t sleep well and would get up multiple times a night. Again, I was blaming most of this on the loss of my husband. Eventually, the muscles in my upper neck spasmed, and I had to chiropractic. Truthfully, when I went in to see Dr. Clay, I didn’t think the adjustments would help. Thankfully, I was wrong. Not only am I mobile again, but I no longer have heart palpitations, hypertension, or ringing in my ears, and I am sleeping great. I also appear to have more energy. I would strongly recommend this type of care to anyone suffering from any of the above conditions.



Before I came to Atlas Specific, I had been experiencing some really bad seizures. I would have at least 2-3 a day and they were becoming more and more violent. My body was worn out – I would just sleep all day every day. I was pretty emotionally and mentally detached and confused with everything. After only a few visits and adjustments I felt a DRAMATIC difference in myself. The seizures slowly wore off and eventually stopped!! I have honestly not felt this good in over a year!!! I am so happy and excited to be able to live my life again. I didn’t know Upper Cervical Care could treat so many different things and I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone I can!! Special Thanks to Clay for re-building my confidence in knowing I can get better and helping me do so! You all are a blessing! Thanks to God for making all of this possible!

Kaitlyn R.


My wife and I brought our son here to continue care with Dr. Clayton. I believe our son has responded very positively to chiropractic in general and to upper cervical care. Physically his asthma is a lot better and rarely needs an inhaler to get by. His attitude is very “smiley” and mostly happy and light. I do recommend this specialized healthcare to friends and tell them the benefits and what I see come alive in my son.

Mike B.


For 24 years, I have had a severe sleeping problem. I fall asleep briefly, wake up, and then cannot get back to sleep. Even when I am exhausted, I cannot get to sleep. After beginning care with Dr. Clay, I am now sleeping fully through every night! I was also on blood pressure medicine for 1.5 years, and I am now no longer taking it. I feel so much better, and despite my stressful work environment, I am not taking on stress like I used to. I am now feeling great, and sleeping every single night!

Jamu B.


I came in to Atlas Specific for chronic neck pain. For the first time since 1998 I have experienced relief. I am able to hike and carry my daughter in a backpack without feeling totally broken afterwards. My heart palpitations have greatly decreased as well. I would recommend Upper Cervical Care to others because it makes sense and it works.

Annie A.


After experiencing a traumatic blow to the back of my head 18 years ago, my headaches increased in intensity and frequency. I also suffered with allergies which effected my eyes to the point of blindness for a week in April and September each year. In January of 2015, I began to experience dizziness and pain from my shoulder to my hip and foot on my right side. I began seeing Dr. Sullwold in February of 2015 and my headaches have decreased, the allergies subsided to the point of not taking any allergy medication (I had previously received 3 allergy shots a week year round for 5 years), and the hip pain was gone and my energy began returning. I am grateful! I highly recommend Atlas Specific and Dr. Clayton Sullwold!

Margaret M.

The Gibson Family


I have severe tremors in both hands and could no longer write and had trouble holding silverware and cups or glasses when eating. After my first treatment I could read my writing and after the second treatment I no longer have the tremors. Thank you Clay!

Glenna H.


Several people recommended Atlas Specific to me after having great results. This care has been wonderful. After my first several visits I has less pain, more energy, and was able to go nine months before returning for another adjustment. That has never happened in all my years of care and that says a lot to me! Thank you! This really works.
Lisa G.


Through decades of ignoring the needs of my body, defects began to appear and naturally the tension of shoulders and neck muscles and structure resulting in dizziness. It understandably took some time to address and with Dr. Clay’s support, I stuck with treatment. The initial problems I had diminished as have others that I was not actually aware of. I continue to improve at all levels, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. My dogs too.

Anita C.


I am a horse rider who has always had difficulty with horses not being able to do the movement I wanted. After three months of Atlas adjustments my riding instructor observed that my body now “flows” with the horse. Fred (the horse) thanks you!

Nancy W.

Chronic Fatigue

After a car accident in 1988 my life was turned upside down. In addition to physical pain, I suffered from chronic fatigue. Every task, small or big, felt like moving a mountain, sometimes taking days to recover. After some time now with Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care, I now wake up in the morning feeling rested and I no longer need sleeping pills. I have much more energy to complete tasks at home, I am able to socialize, and I will start working again soon. I have learned during my treatment with Dr. Clay to be patient and understand that healing takes time. It’s worth it. The change in my quality of life is amazing.

Marit G.


After a few adjustments I noticed a mental/emotional shift in which I was no longer having and projecting negative thoughts and states of being. I felt more clear-headed and clear-sighted. Over several months of treatments, I noticed that my recurring pelvic misalignments were no longer happening and that I was no longer getting the stiff and painful neck that I experienced for years previously. I can now sit for meditation in complete comfort and balance, almost effortlessly. I can now live my day to day life without chronic neck discomfort.

Jennifer C.


I was referred to Clay Sullwold after hurting my head and neck in a mountain biking accident. I am 61 years old and have been seeing chiropractors since my twenties for general back pain. I have never had such consistent results in all that time as I’ve had with Clay. I feel great. His approach really gets to the bottom of things, with a focus on the cause not the symptoms.

Mike K.

Quality of Life

I’ve enjoyed being able to come in for treatments at Atlas Specific. It has caused me to take better care of myself and I feel great!

Kim M.

Autoimmune Disease

I came into Atlas Specific for a variety of conditions related to an autoimmune disease (Sjogren’s Sydrome). I honestly didn’t know what to expect and the changes I noticed at first were surprising! I quickly saw improvements in my mood (I had been severely depressed). I also noticed improvements in my posture. I have kyphosis and scoliosis so this was major! My systemic related issues seem to improve daily!

Nicole B.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I first learned about upper cervical care in a support group online for trigeminal neuralgia. I googled it and found Dr. Clay at Atlas Specific. I was desperate to find relief for the constant burning in my face. I noticed a difference after my first treatment. I am amazed at how upper cervical care has helped me get my life back. I am now off all medication that made me feel like a zombie. My doctor had recommended brain surgery. I am grateful that I did not have surgery and that I have more and more pain free days. I would recommend this approach to anyone who feels like there is no hope and has resigned to live a life in pain. There is hope!

April B.


I started to notice I had to turn my entire body when I was looking both ways while driving, so I decided to give Atlas a try. Not only did I get the range of motion back in my neck, but I also stopped grinding my teeth and my sleep improved. I had also had trouble with the back of my left thigh when bending over to stretch. That went away as well and I can touch my toes with no pain when I go to stretch. I can also say that overall I am a calmer, happier person. Atlas changed my life for sure!

Eliza W.


An auto accident followed by a broken collar bone a year later left my neck worse than ever. I passed on having 3 cervical vertebrae fused and PT was somewhat helpful. Dr. Clay’s adjustment helped me get my range of motion back – pain free after 6-8 months and a lifetime of spine and hip issues are a thing of the past. Thanks!

Russell F.


I have been allergic to human hair, including my own, for several years. I had to wear my hair pulled back and make sure it didn’t touch my face or neck. I couldn’t kiss my husband without his mustache causing my face to break out. Anytime my boy’s hair would touch my face, I would break out. Since coming to Atlas I am able to kiss on my boys and husband and wear my hair down without having an allergic reaction! I am so happy!

Mollie C.


My story starts with a trip to the dentist. After being put under for a procedure I woke up and started feeling vertigo symptoms (room spinning) and imbalance after getting up from lying down. A co-worker instantly recognized that this had occurred in the dentist chair and I that I needed to see Dr. Clay. After a few adjustments to my atlas region, my vertigo and dizziness stopped. Thank you Dr. Clay!

Howie D.

Chronic Pain

To me a testimony is something that you give when you have completed something and want to describe the journey, so others can perhaps learn from it. I have been putting off writing this for many weeks, because I simply do not feel that this is the end of anything, but just the beginning.

When I came to Atlas Specific in April of 2018, I was desperate for answers on my health. I had chronic pain – in my neck, low back, knees and hips and knees. I had chronic swelling as well and was living on a daily diet of Ibuprofen just to get through each day and try to get through each night.  This had been going on for years.

This last year though, I started having serious lapses in my equilibrium and fell several times through the winter, including falling down the stairs in our home. With each fall, I was more “injured” and had less and less mobility and confidence in my body to do much of anything. My horseback riding, which I previously had done daily and competitively, was going downhill, my desire to even go for a walk was drained away by the constant companion of pain.

I was seeing a regular chiropractor as many as 2-3 times a week, seeing doctors, naturopaths and body workers. Each one ended up throwing up their hands and saying they couldn’t help me or came up with ridiculous notions/diagnoses for my condition.

By April of this year I hit bottom. I was ready to give up on riding and accept that my life was going to be severely limited. I had given up hope of finding any answers and I was battling depression.

A body worker friend asked if I had heard of Atlas Specific and the type of chiropractic they practiced. I had not. She told me her story and suggested I give it a try. That was the best advice any health practitioner had ever given me.

During my evaluation appointment, Dr. Clay asked me questions that spoke directly to my issues. He never made me feel like I was crazy; it was completely the opposite. He made me feel heard. He made me feel validated and understood. My “bizarre” set of symptoms that nobody could figure out seemed like common knowledge to him and for the first time in a long time, I felt an inkling of hope.

Within 2 weeks of my first adjustment, my mood was lighter, my body felt less burdensome and I had quit all self-medicating to get through my days and nights. I haven’t taken any pain medication since I started and have not missed it.

Within a month, I felt so good, I started taking Pilates classes three times a week to try and strengthen my body to support my neck and help hold my adjustments.

Within three months, I was experiencing zero pain in my knees. Zero pain in my neck and only intermittent pain in my low back and hips. I decided to try swimming a few days a week to see if moving my body with the support of the water would help. It’s been a wonderful practice and I now swim for an hour three days a week and crave more time in the water.

I have been working out 6 days a week since June (only 2 months into my treatment). My depression episodes are gone, along with the pain in my body. My whole outlook on life has improved. I have been able to do things I never thought I would do again. I have made big changes in my life, because for the first time in a very long time, I feel confident and happy in my skin. The sky is the limit and I am no longer afraid to commit to physical activity, travel or everything life throws at you.

As I mentioned at the start, I feel a whole new chapter beginning in my life. One that is pain free, healthy and strong. One that will allow me to travel to places I previously had given up on. One that has opened my heart and mind to all possibilities again.

While my treatment starts to wind down, my life is just ramping up. I cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for all the Dr. Clay and Dr. Tim and Kelsey at Atlas Specific have done for me. They listened to me, understood me, came up with a plan for treatment and have honestly handed me back my life. There are no words for the gift that they have given me.

My only regret is that there are not enough upper cervical practitioners to treat everyone in the world. Because I sincerely believe that if there were, spine and pain centers would have to close, the opioid epidemic would decrease substantially, and the world would be a better place to live.

Helen G.


For over 3.5 years, I’ve suffered with headaches, pressure in my ears and head, and neck and back pain imbalance, most likely caused by a fall where I had hit my head. I had been to a lot of doctors and on medication, but nothing helped. After only a few treatments, the pain in my neck and back, the pressure in my head, and my imbalance was markedly improved. I am now feeling much better than a couple of months ago. I am so grateful that I found my way to Atlas Specific and have finally had relief from these symptoms. Thank you!

Sue H.


When I read the literature about upper cervical care and the healing that others experienced, I was skeptical that the treatments could help with depression. I could understand how, when the pressure on impaired nerves was released, that people with chronic pain could feel better, but how could a neck adjustment relieve my mental darkness which had been present for so long? I am no longer a skeptic. Every day I awaken full of joy and in anticipation of what the day will bring. Set-backs and frustrations no longer push me back into the darkness. I bounce back and feel happy once again in just a short time.

Franceen W.


When I saw your ad in EPIC in May of 2014, I was getting ready to die. I had my will, power of attorney, and medical directives clear with my kids. Then I remembered hearing about Atlas Specific from a friend many years ago and decided to give it a try. I wasn’t getting any help from the medical doctors and they even took away my pain medications. Out of all of my afflictions it was the arthritis that was doing me in. Rather suddenly, after 15 years of having my feet and my bicycle as my main sources of transportation, I had resorted to using electric carts and not being able to lift my arms above my shoulders. It was debilitating. Now I can walk, I can cut and split firewood, and the melanoma is clearing up. I can’t say the triple bypass operation saved my life, but I can say for sure that the Atlas adjustment from Dr. Clay did! In some cultures they say that if you save someone’s life you are responsible for whatever that person does. I promise, Scouts honor, I will never do anything to cause you regret for helping me. Thank you Dr. Clay.

Richard S.


I came to see Dr. Clay because I was experiencing vertigo, general dizziness, and tinnitus in my left ear. I began treatment in December 2015 and have not had any episodes of vertigo from that time going forward. I have also noticed improved hearing and less sinus pressure. I am thrilled to wake up in the morning without immediately feeling dizzy and to be able to participate in the various forms of exercise which I enjoy. Thank you!

Cindy S.


I am physically very active in both my extracurricular activities and primarily my work. I have used traditional chiropractic for two decades as I have chronic mid back issues. Since I have been seeing Dr. Clayton for upper cervical care, I have been clear of any of my former back symptoms. Typically my back would “go out” every month or so, conceivably from my construction work. I continue in my work and yet my back issues have abated. I would highly recommend this treatment. It is working well for me.

Mike H.

Plantar Fasciitis/Pain

I felt out of whack and I was told I had plantar fasciitis on my right foot. It was causing me to limp and I was having difficulty continuing to do the things I like such as Zumba, tai chi, and other exercise. I had met the staff of Atlas Specific at the 9 Health Fair and decided to give it a try. Wow! What a good decision. Every time I visit, I feel better, straighter, stronger, and I have less pain. I was surprised that working with the upper vertebrae could affect the entire body. It is a process and the longer I’ve had an issue the longer it will take before the body will naturally settle into place. I recommend this type of care to others. It works on things that you didn’t even know needed help!

Barb C.

Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with MS in 2014, and knew immediately that I would not pursue conventional methods (ie medication) to manage my disease. My mother knew of Atlas Specific and their treatment of such issues. I have been seeing Dr. Clay for a year now, and my last MRI showed no progression of the MS. In addition, I have had minimal flare up occurrences since beginning treatment. I feel better than I have in years. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone suffering from anything.

Dallas G.


I was having severe headaches lasting up to 3 days at a time. The left side of my face was numb and I would be drooling. My face is no longer numb and the headaches are not as frequent. Thank you Clay for your good work.

Ellen H.

Pain from Head to Toe/Insomnia

I came to see Clay/Atlas because over the last six-eight months I had developed pain from head to toe on the left side of my body. Physical therapy had helped some, but the pain was still becoming more acute, and it was more and more uncomfortable to do the things I love, like riding my bike and run. After my second adjustment at Atlas the difference was incredible! I finally slept through the night without waking up and without any sleep aid. I’m not at 100% yet, but I am back on my bike and a LOT more comfortable. Thanks Clay, I now have hope of my body lasting me many more years in good health.

Catherine B.

Quality of Life

I would unconditionally recommend Atlas Specific to anyone who wants to feel more whole.

Mark S.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia around the first part of June, 2017 at the ER in Durango. It began with excruciating pain the right side of my head while brushing my teeth, then while showering. I was put on a powerful anti-seizure prescription which did not give any noticeable relief. The side effects were nasty and the pain which were similar to electric shocks became progressively worse. Eating was a nightmare and talking became very difficult, next swallowing became an issue. I was drooling all of the time and had to constantly wipe my mouth.

My wife was researching possible solutions on the internet nonstop. By God’s grace she came across a youtube video of a testimony by a man named James Tomasi who was healed of TN by an upper cervical chiropractor, and had written a book about his experience.We found Dr. Clay and immediately made an appointment with him.

In a little over 3 months, the results of this treatment are nothing short of miraculous. The relief was not immediate, but gradually the attacks and pain lessened. Although there are still twinges of discomfort occasionally, I am now virtually pain free and my gratitude to Dr. Clay is beyond words.  

-Bob K.


I have suffered from hip and back pain for over a year. After traditional chiropractic treatment I took for granted that I would have to live with it. A friend recommended Dr. Sullwold. I am now pain free and loving life. Thank you.

Carmen M.

Chronic Neck Pain

My overall experience at Atlas Specific has been very positive. I have much less pain in my entire body. This care has significantly relieved the chronic pain in my cervical spine. As the adjustment frequency decreases, I am hopeful that my body will continue to heal.

Marla B.


Friends who are patients of Dr. Sullwold brought me to Atlas Specific for a presentation and everything made so much sense to me that I immediately made an appointment. After only two adjustments, I can move my head to the left further than I have been capable of moving it in that direction since I was about 35 years old. I am 65 at the present. It is a miraculous change. Absolutely unbelievable. Also, I started having normal bowel movements for the first time in my life. I would heartily recommend it to anyone.

Linda P.

Neck/Nerve Pain

Divine intervention brought me into Atlas Specific. I was having horrible neck pain and pinched nerve symptoms. Since beginning care, I have experienced healing and the pain has decreased. I am now working out again! I would recommend this type of care to anyone as I believe it works and will help many others.

Rodney H.


I began treatment at Atlas Specific in September of 2016. I presented with symptoms often linked with fibromyalgia—extreme exhaustion, intense body pain, loss of appetite leading to unwanted weight loss, inability to sleep, and the inability to think clearly, often referred to as “brain fog.” I started to get my energy back toward the end of the first month of treatment, and all other symptoms began to diminish gradually as treatment continued. Since my return to good health, I’ve stepped into fully living my 67th year of life. I have resumed riding my mare several times a week, and I’m able to hold my own again with a mucking rake, fence moving, grain bag hefting, and all the physical labor involved in horse ownership. I ended an unhappy marriage, which included sorting, packing and unpacking 18 years of accumulated “stuff,” and taking care of all the additional things involved in setting up a new home. I’ve also been able to intellectually and emotionally navigate through the legal hoops necessary to obtain a divorce. Not one of these things would I have been able to accomplish last year when I first stepped into Atlas Specific.

Dr. Clay, a practitioner at the top of his field, once asked me to what I attributed my rapid improvement. One of them was Dr. Clay’s expertise in adjusting the atlas, and my willingness to line up energetically with the treatment. Dr. Clay’s belief in what he does, along with his skills in doing it, combined with my will to allow this to happen without any resistance to the process, gave my body the opportunity to heal itself.

I believe what worked for me, can and has, worked for others. I learned long ago that the best thing to do when I chance upon someone, or something that improves the human condition, is to first wrap it in gratitude, and then sent it along.

Libby S.

Headaches/Emotional Health

I have noticed enough change in the short time that I’ve been coming to see Dr. Sullwold to know that this treatment is right for me. I am amazed at some of the results. Emotions and feelings that I have been holding in have been released and I had no idea Atlas Specific could help me with this. The frequency of my headaches has decreased tremendously and I have lost weight because I am now more active and in less pain. I have already told many people about Dr. Sullwold because I truly believe it can help everyone.

Rob M.

Trigeminal Neuralgia

For the past 11 years, I have dealt with TN causing constant pain on the left side of my face along with bouts of searing pain every 30 seconds as if someone had struck my face with an electric cattle prod.  I have researched and tried every treatment regimen that was recommended in my research – medication, regular chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, ultrasound and the list goes on.   My neurologist said I was not a candidate for surgery or for botox due to the location of the pain.  The last two medications I tried, worked well for a while and then  first I maxed out on the Gabapentin and it was no longer controlling the pain and subsequently was started on Lyrica which my dose kept getting higher and higher with flares and fear was setting in, what was I going to do next.

A friend, who also has trigeminal neuralgia gave me an article about upper cervical chiropractic care for the treatment of TN.  I researched information regarding this type of chiropractic treatment.  I was excited to find Dr. Clay in Durango at Atlas Specific who specializes in this type of care.  I immediately made an appointment.

After the first adjustment, I could tell a difference in the way my face felt. I continued to come in weekly for adjustments and  I slowly weaned off the Lyrica and have not had any face pain for months.  Cold air, the wind, bright lights, sinus infections, migraines in the past would cause flares, that is all the past.  My thinking has become clearer and I began sleeping through the night.  I no longer have pain in my joints, my digestive tract has become regulated, and my peripheral neuropathy is now only sensory and not painful.  I no longer need to use albuterol or oxygen at night.  I want to get out and try new things – I learned how to paddle board this summer- and mentally it has been a relief not worrying about when the next TN flare will occur and what would I do when the medication quit working.

I have been recommending to everyone who is having health issues to go and see Dr. Clay, and let the healing begin. Oh and  my friend who gave me the article, she had the surgery and is still having to take Lyrica.  She is wishing she listened to her own advice.

-Ann R.

Cervical Spine Health

I came to Atlas Specific to support my cervical health. My overall spinal health has improved and aligning my cervical spine is an important part of my overall health.

Tecumseh B.


After a car accident several years ago, I found I had no curve in my neck and a bulging disk. Years of headaches and getting dizzy every time I looked up as well as chronic neck pain … after several visits I am able to look up and I haven’t had a headache! Atlas Specific has been great!

Carrie S.

High Blood Pressure

What brought me here was mainly high blood pressure. My breathing is much better and I do not have any headaches now. I can move my right arm above my head without pain and I am feeling well emotionally and spiritually. I would, and do, recommend this type of treatment to others. I really believe upper cervical care can and will help others.

Karen P.

Giving hope after a Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

“I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 33. After being diagnosed, I had my first appointment with a neurologist that didn’t seem to give me much hope for recovery and left me feeling defeated by my recent diagnosis. After expressing my grievances to my and aunt and family, they recommended I consult with Dr. Clay Sullwold at Atlas Specific. I was reluctant and unsure how this could possibly help my disease. During the consultation, Dr. Sullwold, comforted me with the proper facts and education that made me feel comfortable with going forward with upper cervical care. Through my treatment plan with Atlas Specific, I have seen major improvement in my nervous system and have improved little things I was once restricted from due to MS. My posture, sleep and mood have all improved from the treatment provided, along with functions such as walking, writing and even use of my hand to feed myself and brush my hair. I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Clay and have since referred a dear friend of mine who has suffered neck pain from a car accident she endured in the past. I would strongly encourage anyone to consult with Atlas Specific for their personal needs whether it be severe or minor or preventative to curative. I was unaware the importance of upper cervical care and the impacts it can have on your body in many different aspects, (Dr, Clay will do a great job explaining everything). Atlas Specific doctors and staff are friendly, informative, and treat you with genuine care. Thank you for all you have done for me, I am absolutely forever grateful. ”

Veronica S.


When I returned from a two-week trip overseas, I was so weak, I had difficulty getting up from my recliner. I had poor bladder control, a headache, and my balance was so poor that I needed to use a cane. Shortly after an upper cervical adjustment, I noticed that I was moving around without using my cane. I had left it leaning against a wall. My headache was gone.

The adjustment definitely accelerated my return to normalcy.

Cheryl B.

Neck Pain

I’m excited for my healing process to continue. Dr. Sullwold has encouraged me by finding the cause of my neck injury, whereas
everyone else has told me it’s all in my head. For this, I am very thankful.

Jodi N.


I noticed warm hands, clearer vision in my eye with optic neuritis, other numb areas are going away. I am mentally and emotionally better now that I know this is helping. I most definitely recommend this to anyone. I believe in it. I see it helping me. I tell everyone about my treatments. It just makes sense to me.

Gwen O.


Prior to having my first atlas adjustment I was experiencing depressions for about two weeks. After the adjustment which was in the morning – by the evening it had completely lifted off of me. I am really looking forward to having all seasonal and food allergies clears up as well. Thank you!

Charlene S.

Insomnia/Mental Attitude

I have noticed positive improvements from my Upper Cervical Care in everything from sleep to my thinking. I have been completely off of my sleeping meds for over a year now after chronic insomnia my entire life. Not only that, but I have noticed over-all that I have a brighter outlook on life: I feel like there is more space in my brain, I am more present and more joyful. So grateful for Atlas Specific and all the gifts of Upper Cervical Care.

Natalie B.


I have been a patient of Atlas-Specific since it opened. I definitely notice and appreciate the improvements to my physical and mental health. The most rewarding aspect of my treatment is that everyone that knows me has noticed positive changes in my appearance, posture, and attitude. My blood pressure and weight have also decreased.

Jeff R.


I fell away from chiropractic, it wasn’t helping me in the way I needed. I had spiraled down a path of traditional medicine, medications, injections for migraines to find relief. After being treated by Dr. Clayton, I have already experienced tremendous relief. I am so excited to continue with your care. I look forward to my vibrant migraine free life. I am grateful!


Shoulder Pain & Mental Health

Shoulder pain initially brought me to Atlas Specific. It was difficult to function with the pain I experienced. After 1 month of coming frequently, I discovered that my shoulder pain was almost gone. After 2 months, my pain was gone completely, and I realized that my mental health was also improving. As of today, I am no longer taking any medications for my shoulder pain or for my mental health. I can now move my arm without any pain. Playing with my children is so much easier and my depressed days are so much fewer. My episodes of anxiety are almost non-existent. I recommend this kind of care to anyone I talk to! It has made my quality of life so much better.

Nicole B.

Quality of Life

I happily drive 5 hours to get a life changing adjustment at Atlas Specific. After each adjustment I experience ease, peace, flow, and significant vibrational change. Events unfold easily, change occurs, and life and tasks fall into place. There is no swimming upstream and no fighting the current. My life just “works” better. I’m a better chiropractor, mom, person, and contributing member of my community thanks to the changes from the adjustments I receive at Atlas Specific.

Mimi C.


I have had fibromyalgia for over 30 years. It has gradually become worse within the last 15 years (I am 77). At my husband’s
urging, I reluctantly went to see Dr. Clayton. It was a great decision! I am in my 6th week and my bad days are much farther
apart. Normal days now are what my infrequent “good days” used to be. The everyday exhaustion has improved and I am starting
to exercise more. I plan to explore getting off my fibro meds the next time I see my neurologist. I would certainly recommend
this care for other fibromyalgia patients.

Joy H.


I’ve had so called “back problems” and have been seeing chiropractors and osteopaths since I was in college, but my problems likely started at a much younger age. Like many people, mine were probably the result of all kinds of seemingly minor things: a fall from a horse when I was 11, dropped on my head when I was 16, a few car collisions in my 20s. The usual! But, now in my 40s, those misalignments in my back–although temporarily corrected by doctors–were starting to keep me from feeling 100 percent and doing the things I love to do.

Atlas Specif Durango Chiropractor TestimonialI’d been a patient of Dr. Clay’s already but had only gone in when things were already “broken.” After one adjustment at Atlas Specific, my neck and shoulders felt so incredibly mobile, it was hard for me to believe I’d been putting up with anything less. I’d gone in, once again, hoping to relieve a single, persistent issue and have instead been relieved of numerous ones. Major bonus: I’ve not had a migraine since that first adjustment over a month ago–this is unheard of for me, as I’ve suffered them for over 20 years and was recently getting them in clusters for several days at a time. Gone are my expensive migraine pills! I can run without knee or lower back pain, I don’t ache when I get out of bed. Now all this may sound like I was in pretty bad shape but the truth is, I just didn’t realize how truly awful I was feeling until… I didn’t feel that way anymore.

I’ve sent several friends and coworkers to Clay and I see people in his office whom I know. We’ve all had the same conversation, and it starts with, “This is working….” It just makes complete sense, upper cervical chiropractic. I only wish I’d accessed it years ago.

Nancy S.

Migraines/Neck Discomfort

When I first started treatment at Atlas Specific it was for upper back, shoulder, and neck discomfort which I thought were caused by an accident. I later realized that other factors contributed to the pain. I had been a chronic migraine sufferer for 20 years and in a very dysfunctional and stressful marital relationship for even longer. Both have been resolved and/or improved thanks to Atlas Specific. I no longer walk around with neck, upper back and shoulder pain. Thank you, Dr. Clay!

Norma P.

Shortness of Breath/Insomnia/High Blood Pressure

I am 77 years of age and have used chiropractic care since age 31 to treat back problems arising as a result of an injury suffered in the Army at the age of 18.

Before I started with upper cervical chiropractic care, I was experiencing severe nagging neck pain that was not responding to care received from my regular chiropractor who was very good at keeping my lower back and upper thoracic problems under control. A friend who was seeing Dr. Sullwold recommended him at Atlas Specific as she has been seeing him with good results.

After consulting with Dr. Sullwold, I decided to try upper cervical car. He took Xrays of the neck and analyzed that my problem was both the axis and the atlas bone are misaligned. I was very impressed with his analytical approach to fully describe the extent of mis-alignment and his treatment approach which involves a number of visits in a 12 week time period to re-align both bones and strengthen them to stay in place.

Since starting his treatment program, I have had 7 adjustments with some good results. I was having problems sleeping due to the neck pain. I am sleeping much better as the adjustments have greatly reduced the pain. Another encouraging result of his treatment has solved my shortness of breath which has kept me from exercising. After just 3 adjustments, I have been walking over ½ hour each day without gasping for air – amazing.

In light of my relief described above after 7 adjustments, I feel that keeping with Dr. Sullwold’s plan will greatly improve the way I feel. Based on such quick results, I highly recommend those experiencing back and neck problems explore his approach to help solve them

Hal S.


I came in with daily headaches, neck and shoulder pain and limited range of motion to my left. Everything has improved with my care at Atlas. I no longer have headaches and can turn my head to the left while driving without having to rotate my whole torso to look over my shoulder. I absolutely recommend Atlas.

Kelli W.

Out of Whack

Coming to Atlas Specific was one of the best decisions I ever made! Though I originally came in due to chronic ear issues, I have also suffered from extreme fatigue, chronic neck and back pain, a weakened immune system, hormonal imbalances, and a number of other health issues over the last ten years. At times, these issues have made it unbearable to get through an average day. Over the last decade, I have sought answers from a number of healthcare professionals in the medical and naturopathic worlds and have had every test under the sun performed on me repeatedly. These tests were always met with a misdiagnosis, or absolutely no answer, no solution, and no relief. When I found out about upper cervical care, it was the first time in a long time that the treatment not only made sense to me, but gave me hope! Coming here has absolutely paid off, made me feel physically better, and I feel like healing is possible for the first time. I am no longer staring at a lifetime of pain, discomfort, and misery ahead of me. That has meant the world to me and my five year old son. I now have the energy to play with my son, and I am able to be present with my husband, my family and my friends. For this, I am beyond grateful!

Mitra J.


I initially came into Atlas Specific for migraines. After a few weeks of treatment, I was migraine free for almost six weeks. I have been able to get off two prescription medications that I have been taking for years. I used to use a foam shoe insert for heel pain and I can now wear any shoe, without the insert and without heel pain! I can go for hikes again! I can sleep through the night and I wake up in the morning well rested. Some of my brain fog has lifted and mentally and emotionally I feel better. Upper Cervical Care has been the biggest, fastest, and continuing relief I have ever experienced! It has affected my whole body including my mental and emotional well being. I am so happy I found this type of chiropractic care and I’m thankful to Dr. Clay after each appointment. I would recommend Atlas Specific to anyone that has back or nervous system disorders or just want to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Tyshana C.


I have suffered from nearly daily headaches for years. I discovered upper cervical chiropractic through Dr. Clay’s work at Atlas Specific. The connection seemed logical so I decided to try it out. After more than a year of treatment, I have reduced my headache frequency significantly! What a blessing! Dr. Clay is very talented and caring. I will continue this support. Absolutely worth the time and investment!

Linda A.

Postmenopausal Bleeding

I had been a patient of Dr. Clay’s back in his previous practice, missed him, and was curious about what he was doing now. I had been bleeding for about six months, after not having a period for years and was in the works for a hysterectomy. On my first visit, Dr. Clay told me I’d probably stop bleeding. Skeptical…but he was right! Hysterectomy averted! Thank you. I would and have recommended him to others!

Molly M.


My Massage Therapist recommend Dr. Clayton Sullwold at Atlas Specific in hopes that I would find some relief, as I was having balance, ear and digestive issues that interfered with my daily routine. I started care two months ago. Some past history: I fell 4 years ago on my road bike and started to see a physical therapist and chiropractor. 3 PT’s and 4 Chiropractor’s later, I was only having temporary relief from back, neck and shoulder pain. Since my care with Dr. Sullwold my back, neck and shoulder pain have virtually disappeared. I have not been on my road bike in over a year because of the pain it would cause. I am well enough to start riding again. As for my balance, ear and digestive issues, they are progressively showing improvement. Give Upper Cervical Chiropractic a try, you won’t be disappointed! Thank you Dr. Sullwold!

Cheryl S.


On January 30, 2016 I was walking across a cornfield building electric fence carrying a two-pound hammer on my shoulder. I suddenly tripped and the hammer bounced into my left ear. It didn’t really hurt and after a few minutes I was back to building the fence and going on with the rest of my day. The next morning at about 4 a.m. I woke up and everything was spinning! I couldn’t move my head at all without spinning and could not get up or walk. I spent that day flat on my back in bed until my daughter found a maneuver that was supposed to help with vertigo. I tried it and was at least able to get up if I moved slowly. I repeated this maneuver a couple times a day for about a week and a half just to be able to function. Finally my son and daughter-in-law encouraged me to call and make an appointment with Dr. Clay at Atlas Specific. On February 9th I had my first appointment. He did x-rays and an evaluation and told me he could help me. So I started treatment.

I definitely got better and was able to function more normally but the vertigo and dizziness just would not go away. As I continued with adjustments I started to realize a lot of other things I had been dealing with for years from a horse accident had gotten much better or just gone away completely! I no longer had daily headaches, migraines or tightness and pain in my right side. My hip pain had almost gone away. This is what kept me going back.

I started to believe I was just going to have to live with the vertigo I had for the rest of my life. Dr. Clay found some other maneuvers to try along with the adjustments and things seemed to get better but still would not go completely away. Then on June 20th I went in for my adjustment as usual and the next day I had a pretty rough day with vertigo and was very discouraged again. But then I woke up on the 22nd vertigo free and have not had ANY vertigo or dizziness since! It had been a wonderful feeling!

I am sharing this because I want people who may be suffering like I was with vertigo to know that, for me, by sticking with treatment I finally got rid of it! It can work, but it is not going to necessarily be a fast fix or even a certain adjustment. It will probably be a combination of the adjustments, time, and letting your body heal. It took four and half months for me to get to that point and I am so thankful to Dr. Clay. It’s amazing how your body can heal if your head is on straight!

Melannie C.



I suffered from lower right lumbar pain kind of a pinched nerve for years. After investing thousands of dollars and numerous chiropractic appointments with little or no results I decided to try cervical chiropractic on the recommendation of my daughter. Best decision I ever made. It’s the first time in years that I don’t suffer from daily, chronic pain. I am pain free and couldn’t be happier. It took less money, less adjustments and actually produced the desired results which is to be healthy. Thanks Dr. Clay

Anne R.


I had my first migraine at ten years old and have had them ever since. For many years I averaged about 9 migraines a month. Needless to say, I wasn’t enjoying life. I couldn’t travel for fear it would trigger a migraine. I needed to stay close to home because I never knew when one might strike. I tried diets, meditation, biofeedback and medications. All these things relieved symptoms, but never got to the root cause. When I moved to Durango about five years ago, I found a chiropractor who specialized in upper cervical care. Dr. Sullwold assured me that with regular visits I could greatly reduce or possibly eliminate migraines. Well I am here to say that I have gone from having 9-10 migraines a month to 1 per month! Other benefits from the adjustments are reduced stress, clearer thinking, and sleeping through the night. A once a month tune up from Dr. Sullwold keeps me centered, calm, and clear headed! I am no longer controlled by my migraines and am enjoying life once again!

Judith G.


I have known Dr. Clay on both a personal and professional level for many years, and always held him with very high regard. I knew that he had transitioned his practice of chiropractic care to upper cervical, however, I didn’t quite understand what that meant. Following a vacation and a long overnight flight, I had finally decided that my neck needed some serious TLC.

Upon examination of my x-rays, Clay informed me that I had a fairly severe mis-alignment in my top two vertebrae-WHO KNEW? He also stated that he was surprised I felt as good as I did…little did I know.

Since beginning my care with Atlas Specific, I have experienced a very general increase in my sense of well-being. I cannot say what has changed, I just know that I am feeling better, MUCH better. I can tell when I need an adjustment, and, as mentioned, I didn’t realize how bad I was actually feeling-until I started to feel better. YAY CLAY!

After several years, I am finally able to rotate my neck (albeit slowly) a full 360 degrees- in both directions, pain free! I have spread the praises of Dr Clay and my experience to several friends and family members-I want them to feel as vibrant as I feel. I hear people share what ails them and the first thing I think is “hmmm, sounds like they could use Upper Cervical care.” I feel so good, and I wish that for others. Once they get to experience Atlas Specific care-AND the rest room, I’m sure they’ll be hooked too. THANK YOU DR CLAY (Natalie and Malinda, too!)

Heather H.


I have been very pleased with the integrity of both Petra and Clay and the helpfulness of the staff. I’ve been in their care for a while and have noticed my body shifting back into balance. The abuse I have placed on myself has caused a lot of wear and tear on my spine. Thanks to their care I continue on an upward spiral of feeling good in my body and mental disposition. Thank you so much!

Charlotte L.

Headaches/Vertigo/Panic Attacks

Since seeing Dr. Clayton I went from having constant headaches daily to almost no headaches at all. My panic attacks and
anxiety have decreased drastically and my vertigo is continuing to decrease. I also have no more shoulder or chest pain!

Brittany D.


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