New Year, New You!

Happy 2018!

I just wanted to say Thank You for giving me the opportunity to serve you last year and to take your health to a new level this year. I know the potential of upper cervical care and have seen countless miracles in the last year. Just to mention a few:

• A woman that had debilitating facial pain for the last 11 years on the left side of her face with bouts of searing pain every 30 seconds (trigeminal neuralgia) – now she has her life back and can live comfortably because of upper cervical care.

• A gentleman that has tried unsuccessfully to manage his blood pressure without success. Just a few adjustments and his blood pressure is back to normal

• A lady that had debilitating migraines to the point where botox injections were used. Nothing helped, she felt desperate. Upper Cervical Care and taking pressure of her brain stem gave her the opportunity to live comfortably again.

• Several people with MS that had given up on ever getting better are now completely symptom free.

Then there are miracle stories of people that came in for wellness care or had a little tweak in their neck. Little did they know they were heading down a road that could have presented them with much more unpleasant symptoms

No matter how big or small your ailment might be, making sure that your atlas and axis are aligned properly so the brainstem is not being pinched is essential. The foramen magnum, where the brainstem comes into your upper cervical spine, is called “the mouth of God” in older cultures. Weather you are religious or not, the fact is, this is the place where life force comes into your body. Any compromise on this level, any misalignment or torque from your upper cervical spine that interferes with this system causes you to express less life force.

The longer people wait, the more they let their symptoms take over, the longer it takes to heal. I love it when I can see a change after the very first adjustment, it’s a sign that the person will get well fast and will be able to have their quality of live back that they deserve.

If you feel you haven’t gotten better and the miracle stories I am mentioning above seem like fake news, I understand your frustration. In chiropractic we have a principle that states “There is no process that does not require time”. Some people have misalignments that have been there for so long and are set so deep in their body, that we have to allow the body time to completely rewire the system. The neurology, the muscle memory, all this has to be given the adequate time to unwind, reboot and heal itself. Don’t give up just yet. Give it a chance, give you body the opportunity to heal. We have had several people that were ready to give up after 3 months of care. They decided to give their body a chance, and voila, the the shift in their health occurred!

I look forward to seeing you at the office soon and continue helping you achieve your 2018 health goals!

Life is too short to live without hope!

Want to improve the condition of your life?
I’d love to help.

Dr Clayton Sullwold

“Chiropractic is health insurance, dividends large, premiums small.”
~Dr. B.J. Palmer