The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body

The power is on! The power that made the body heals the body! These are Upper Cervical and Chiropractic mantras. Think about it. What is the difference between a cadaver and you and me? A cadaver has blood, brains, eyes, DNA, genes, fingers, organs, and toes just like us. The only real thing that is missing is…… LIFE!

The expression of life and how well it flows through the body and mind determines how healthy, vivacious, and alive we will be. When life is not expressing fully throughout the body we become sick, unhealthy, tired, stressed and unable to adapt to the worldly forces.

By keeping the brainstem (your lifeline) free and allowing the flow of life to travel over the nerve system you are guaranteeing that you are able to express life and live to your fullest potential. Turn the power on! Get checked today!

Dr Clay’s mission is to work with individuals with chronic, debilitating and neurological issues who have not found prior results in order to reclaim their life.  “My promise to you: You are going to get better quicker, easier, and in less time, with less input to the body so you can return to a life without pain and more fulfillment.”

Dr Clayton Sullwold

Atlas Specific

“Chiropractic is health insurance, dividends large, premiums small.”
~Dr. B.J. Palmer