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Welcome to the Atlas Specific Blog Page.  Our blog gives us a unique opportunity to share news, updates, and healthy living content with you, while also offering a place for us to interact with our community.  Here you can find helpful tips regarding Upper Cervical Care, general health, and more.  Follow along for tips, treatment insights, and fun videos from Dr. Tim.  We look forward to growing with you as we embark on this new journey.  Thanks for stopping by!

Migraines in Children
Headaches & Migraines

Migraines in Children

Does your child suffer from migraines or migraine attacks? Most people are aware that migraines can severely impact the lives of adults. But not everyone

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Why Does the Spine Misalign
The Spine

Why Does the Spine Misalign?

The spine is the primary central support structure of your body and is largely considered the most critical piece of our bodies’ nervous systems. Without

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winterize Your Body
Health & Wellness

Winterize Your Body

Winter in Durango is in full swing.  At Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care, we know that chances are you’ve taken the time to winterize your

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How Long Will This Take Blog
From the Desk of Dr. Tim

Hey Doc! How long will this take?

How long?  It’s one of the most common questions we hear from our practice members at some point during their care.  Everyone wants to know

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