Preventing Injuries in the outdoors

Preventing Injuries in the Great Outdoors

After a winter that overstayed its welcome, spring has finally sprung. From hiking and trail running to mountain biking and rafting, warmer weather means it’s time to get out in the wilds surrounding Durango. But all these outdoor activities come with a need for some basic safety precautions. “Prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and prevention is the best form of treatment for an outdoor injury. When on the trail, in the mountains, or floating down the river, you can’t necessarily control the conditions around you. But with a bit of extra planning, you can be smart about how you interact with them.

Start Slow

If this is the year that you’re finally going to ride the Iron Horse or test your standup paddleboard skills, remember to start slow and prevent injury by easing into the process. It takes time to build skills and muscles for a new activity. When first starting out, take the time to learn the proper form and the best approach to set yourself up for injury-free success.

Adventure with Caution

Whether you’re headed for a hike, a trail ride, or a camping trip, start your adventure with caution. Keep your eyes open for items that may trip you on a trail, rocks that may shift under bike tires, or things in the campsite area that might pose a threat.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Sun protection might not keep you from major injuries, but it will keep you safe from one of the most common hazards of outdoor activities—sunburn and skin damage. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher can help to keep your skin safe from painful burns and allows you to enjoy more fun in the sun. Take the extra precaution of wearing sunscreen, even if you only plan to spend a short time outdoors.

Hydration is Key

Anytime you exert yourself in the great outdoors, you’re vulnerable to dehydration or fatigue. Proper hydration is vital year-round in our high mountain desert climate, but as the weather warms, it’s essential. A good rule of thumb is to always bring more water than you think you’ll need. 

Stretch it Out

Particularly when heading for the trails or river for the first few times, you will want to give those muscles a good stretch to warm them up. It’s a simple step that can help to prevent muscle pulls and strains.

Gear Up

Especially when trying a new activity, there’s a tendency to wait to see if you enjoy it before investing in gear—but this can be a costly error. Those new to a sport often sustain injuries because they aren’t wearing or using the proper footwear, padding, helmets, and other safety equipment. 

Use the Buddy System

When it comes to outdoor safety, two is better than one. Even minor injuries like a muscle strain or twisted ankle can take a dangerous turn if you’re alone. If you prefer to be a lone wolf and adventure solo, inform a friend or family member of your planned route and estimated return time.

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help You Enjoy the Outdoors More

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can improve your body’s movement by removing the subluxations that block the brain’s signals. Furthermore, with proper alignment, you can hit the trails knowing that you’re not suffering from reduced performance due to one or more of your bones or muscles carrying more than their fair share of weight. Upper Cervical Care can lead not only to improved sports performance but may also help to prevent you from being severely injured. Other benefits include:

Improved Control, Coordination & Movement

If your head is not correctly aligned with your spine, the signals that travel from your brain through your nervous system to the rest of your body can be disrupted or distorted. Distorted or disrupted signals from your brain can cause pain, weakness, and irritation, all of which can affect your performance. 

Upper Cervical Care can help to improve your range of motion. Ensuring the spine is properly aligned gives you the added benefit of loose, relaxed joints allowing for greater flexibility and movement. This can lead to increased speed and a  better range of motion, not to mention the fact that with free movement and a better stance, you will also stand a better chance of avoiding injuries.

Decreased Healing Time for Injuries

Unfortunately, those who are active in the outdoors frequently deal with injuries ranging from minor to major. For true outdoor enthusiasts, a severe injury can impact all aspects of their life. Taking the time to rest and allow the body to heal can mean the loss of stamina and strength. For true athletes, it can lead to depression and other psychological disorders when their daily routine is interrupted. With Upper Cervical Care, you can achieve brain-body balance, open the pathways for brain-body communication and thus encourage your body to recover from injury quicker. 

Optimized Athletic Performance

A spine out of alignment forces parts of the body to compensate for others that are off-kilter. This is a common reason for injuries in athletes. Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care can help to keep the spine aligned, which can have a ripple effect throughout the body. 

Proper alignment can help your body better tolerate the jarring impact of high-octane sports like mountain biking and trail running. It can also help to prepare your body for the repetitive motion of rowing or paddling when performing water sports on our beautiful lakes and rivers.  

Hidden Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

Looking Forward to a Healthy, Happy Outdoor Season


By taking the proper steps to minimize the chance of injury, you can look forward to a rewarding outdoor activity season. Adding Upper Cervical Care to your routine this season can be an effective part of ensuring your body is in prime condition and resistant to injury. 

Many seasoned athletes live by the motto “go hard, or go home,” but when starting out for the season or starting a new sport, going hard could lead to you going home sidelined for the season. Remember to listen to your body while spending time outdoors. If you’re ready to have your best summer season, contact us today by dropping by our office at 1800 E 3rd Ave #108 in Durango, calling us at 970 – 259 – 6803, or clicking the link below to schedule a free consultation.

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