The Brainstem and Your Immunity

The Brain Stem and Your Immunity

Earlier this month, we discussed the Importance of the Brain Stem. This week we’ll dive in deeper and discuss the profound effect the brain stem can have on the immune system. Not so long ago, doctors were taught that the immune system operated independently of the nervous system. Today, we know this to be false and it has now been proven that the brain, the immune system, and the nervous system are all intrinsically intertwined. 

For the moment, forget everything you think you know about chiropractic and about medicine in general, and let’s look at how the brain stem and your immunity are tied together. As well as how Upper Cervical Chiropractic fits into the equation.  

why the brain stem is so important

Brain Body Messaging

It’s true, Chiropractic and the traditional school of medicine rarely see eye to eye. But there is one thing they can both agree on. Electrical and chemical messages control monitor and maintain all of the body’s functions, including healing. These messages leave the brain by way of the brain stem, pass through the top two bones in the neck, the Atlas (c1) and the Axis (c2), down the spinal cord, and throughout the entire nervous system to all parts of the body. 

How Does This Tie into the Immune System? 

Head/Neck misalignment, also known as subluxations, can cause interference between the brain, brain stem, and body. Even a minor subluxation of the c1 and c2 can disrupt or distort the flow of vital health and healing messages to every part of the body, allowing pain and/or health problems to develop. 

A healthy immune system, with unhindered communication, can heal your body from nearly anything, but without proper communication, the immune system can become compromised and unable to do its job. 

Let’s use a battle analogy, after all when we say we are “fighting a cold,” it is a literal battle within our body. Think of an army ready for battle, troops are on the ground and armed to fight. Now imagine communication is cut off. The troops may keep fighting but they won’t be able to coordinate with other troops to strategize their attacks, and headquarters wouldn’t know what is needed by their troops to battle effectively.

How Does Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help? 

For Upper Cervical Doctors like Dr. Tim, the objective is to restore head/neck alignment and return the body to a balanced state so healing messages can flow uninterrupted. When subluxations are repaired, the immune system is enhanced, and the body’s natural self-healing process can begin allowing you to regain and maintain optimal health. 

With Upper Cervical treatment, the goal is to ensure that the nervous system is unhindered by interference. This preserves the quality of information being transmitted; thus the brain can properly understand messages and properly respond. 

When the Upper Cervical area misaligns, there is a cascade of responses that involve swelling of tissue as well as possible nerve compression. This is why Upper Cervical chiropractic exists. By restoring proper alignment and mobility of the c1 and c2 vertebrae, we are allowing the brain and body to properly communicate.

You Could be Just a Click Away From Better Health

Did you know that what we consider to be cold/flu symptoms are actually part of the body’s defense mechanism against the virus? Common symptoms include nasal discharge, swollen glands, and fever. Each of these is a sign that your immune system is doing what it can do to rid your body of the bug. But they are also something more. 

A fever, for example, occurs when your body’s temperature rises in an attempt to kill off certain bacteria or viruses. Next, let’s look at nasal discharge. Nasal discharge is your body’s mechanism to help trap the virus and keep it from entering the body. Swollen glands also have a purpose. They function as a filter to trap viruses. For many of us, our first response is to start using medications to mask or hide these symptoms. However, as you can see, and have probably experienced, over-the-counter medications will not fix an illness. 

In order to fight off a virus or infection successfully, your immune system and brain-to-body communication need to be strong and healthy. And, that is exactly our goal at Atlas Specific Upper Cervical Care. If you’ve been noticing that you tend to get sick more often than normal, contact us today by dropping by our Durango office at 1800 E 3rd Ave #108, giving us a call at 970 – 259 – 6803, or clicking the link below to schedule a free evaluation.

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